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Rowenna Clifford: London Hypnotherapy

I’m Rowenna, and I run a London Hypnotherapy practice, offering sessions in person and worldwide online.

People often come to me for help to overcome lifelong issues that have been holding them back. Specialising in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I help people to create the life they want, let go of limiting self-beliefs, build their self-esteem and sense of worth. 

I work with men and women of all ages and backgrounds, on issues of all kinds.

I believe that we all have the power to unlock our subconscious and tap into our innate potential. Over the past 5 years I have helped hundreds of people around the world, from my London Hypnotherapy practice and on the NHS. 

As well as running my own London Hypnotherapy practice, I am an Assistant Teacher at the founding school of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, The Quest Institute. I also manage their events and CPD, ensuring that the our members have access to quality ongoing learning and opportunities to connect.  

My London Hypnotherapy Practice

Treatment room at R Clifford Cognitive Hypnotherapy

People come from all over London and the South East, to my London Hypnotherapy practice based at The Holding Space Ltd. Conveniently located 10-15 minutes from Central London, there is easy access to public transport links from all areas of London.

After the pandemic, many Hypnotherapists decided to stay online only. However, many people benefit from being in a different environment away from home, where they can feel safe and comfortable to go on a healing journey. I offer in person sessions with evening options on 3 days of the week, to accommodate after work sessions.

Find Freedom with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

I work with people on all kinds of issues, helping to let go of life limiting symptoms and build a better version of themselves. 

Over the years I have helped hundreds of people break free from:

  • Confidence and self-esteem issues
  • Anxiety and panic disorders
  • Attachment and relational esteem issues
  • Codependence, love addiction and toxic relationship patterns
  • Fear of intimacy 
  • Imposter syndrome and work related anxiety
  • Addictions and poor impulse control
  • Blocks to success and money 
  • Perfomance anxiety
  • Symptoms of trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD

And so much more!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London, R Clifford

London Hypnotherapy with Rowenna

I offer a range of different packages and treatment options, to suit all budgets and preferred ways of working. I start every journey with a free 30 minute telephone consultation, so we can discuss your needs and decide if we’re a good fit. You can see my packages and book a free consultation by following the link below.


What My Clients Are Saying
17:57 03 Apr 23
It’s hard to put into words my gratitude for the months I spent with Rowenna. She was so quick to identify what would help and we did lots of inner child work and powerful visualisations. In the first couple of sessions she recommended books which were spot on and explained things I’ve never been able to articulate. I’ve done lots of talking therapy before but this was more about taking action and the experience has been totally transformative. I’m in my late 30’s and finally feel I can start my adult life with newfound strength, clarity and maturity.Rowenna checked in after tough sessions was so nice and not something I’ve had with a therapist before. She also sent me all the materials after each sessions so I can refer back to them. Overall it has been a life changing experience and I cannot recommend Rowenna enough. Thank you 🙂
Hayat AkhoudasHayat Akhoudas
21:09 05 Feb 23
All my life I suffered with some mild depression, anxiety and low self-esteem linked to childhood wounds. I did quite a lot of talk therapy and although it has been helpful in making me aware of some patterns, it didn't really help me change my behaviour. I have been working with Rowenna for a few months now and the changes in my behaviour and thinking are truly mind-blowing. Our work around family dynamics , inherited emotions and attachement wounds has helped change how I operate in relationships and professionally. Since starting working with Rowenna I have more confidence and compassion for myself. Most importantly I no longer see myself as broken or as a failure and I'm more excited about life in general.There is also something gentle and non-judgemental about her that just makes me feel at ease to open up.If you are as lost as I was, I recommend booking a session with her and see for yourself.Thank you Rowenna.
Gavin WrenGavin Wren
13:45 24 Jan 23
Rowenna helped me with some emotional challenges that I was facing, which related to both my personal and professional life. We had six sessions and made significant progress during that time, I noted a considerable shift in my mindset in all of the areas addressed, which rippled out to other parts of my life.Rowenna is very supportive and quick to work to the root of issues. The cognitive hypnotherapy practice during our sessions was a very active approach that directly worked on the core beliefs holding me back.I'd recommend working with Rowenna if you're looking for a therapeutic approach that can tackle the root causes of issues, head-on.
Roxy RoseRoxy Rose
10:45 19 Dec 22
Rowenna is amaizing! Finished my sessions two weeks ago, the best investment I’ve ever done on myself. Thank you so much. Forever grateful!❤️
richard sparhamrichard sparham
18:00 16 Oct 22
I hugely enjoyed my sessions with Rowenna. She was fantastic at holding the space and helping me to feel safe exploring aspects of my life that required me to allow myself to feel vulnerable. Many thanks Rowenna for all your help.
Alicia BilligAlicia Billig
07:57 20 Sep 20
I cannot express how incredible Rowenna has been. From the beginning I felt incredibly comfortable and relaxed around her. Rowenna is such a warm, calm and understanding person. The techniques and exercises we went through have been life changing and have had the most positive impact on my life. I am forever grateful for Rowenna and for everything she has done for me.
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