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Heartbroken after Christmas

Heart broken after Christmas

Heartbroken After Christmas: the strain the festive season can have on relationships

Heartbroken after Christmas? Here’s how Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you

Many people can find themselves left feeling heartbroken after Christmas. The holiday season often puts a strain on relationships. All the gift-hunting and holiday-planning may stretch our budget, but also our nerves and tolerance levels. When the stress is high, old resentments and unsolved issues can easily resurface.

When we race to create the perfect holiday experience, we often forget the real reason why we do it. We get distracted and our relationships suffer.

Here are some of the most common holiday situations that can trigger nasty Christmas fights:

  • Heavy drinking
  • Lying about money spent on holiday preparations
  • Deciding with whose family to celebrate
  • Dealing with difficult family members
  • Travelling on a tight schedule
  • Different holiday traditions

Our loved ones can sometimes really hurt us, both with their words and actions. It creates grudges and feelings of frustration and loneliness. Our hearts can be broken even if we’re still in a relationship.

Sadly, for some relationships, the holiday stress is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

If you’re in that boat, I’m truly sorry. You must be hurting. Whether it’s your partner, friend or a family member, ending a relationship is hard.

The pain amplifies if it happens around Christmas because you’re surrounded with images and expectations of love, unity and family – all the things you feel you lost. For some, a holiday breakup may even mean being alone on Christmas. That’s a tough spot to be in.

How can Hypnotherapy help you?

Have you ever heard a story about a couple that broke up over something as simple as who should wash the dishes? If so, chances are you were confused.

I mean, who breaks up over small things like that, right? Well, no. They probably broke up because one of them consistently neglected their duties and left all the work to fall on the other person. So, if it’s about the dishes – it’s not about the dishes.

Feeling heartbroken after ChristmasPhoto by Monstera from Pexels

Hypnotherapy can help you solve issues

By leading you deep into your mind, to the very core of each of your problems. It then helps you bring it to the light of day where you can safely process it and resolve it.

This way you won’t be stuck arguing about the small thing instead of focusing on the big problem hiding behind it. It can also help you detach from any resentment you might be carrying after an ugly breakup. This might help you learn valuable lessons about what went wrong.

Hypnotherapy can help partners find ways to connect with each other more deeply.

It can help you understand how deep some issues go and detect their root cause. This way you’ll finally understand why a situation that happened 5 years ago keeps popping up in fights and why you can’t let it go.

Becoming aware of the root cause will help you solve an issue at its core instead of going around in circles. Instead of judgement, you’ll be able to approach your partner with empathy and compassion.

Hypnotherapy can also help you find ways to move on from endings and provide you with a safe space for your grief. You can learn more about that here (link to the blog post about grief and xmas).

How can NLP techniques help your relationships, so you’re not left feeling heartbroken after Christmas?

Communication is one of the key elements of every relationship. Miscommunication is often the culprit behind many issues and fights between partners.

Knowing how to let the other person know what’s bothering you, how you feel and what you need is a skill in itself. And it’s a skill very well worth learning. Trust me, it can save you so much time, energy and nerves in the future.

Learning the basics of NLP will make you a much better communicator. You can learn how to communicate with your partner more effectively and compassionately.

NLP helps you understand your partner’s point of view and teaches you how to adjust your messaging accordingly.

When you learn how to better communicate, your confidence in yourself and your relationship will grow because you’ll know how to approach the other person to work together on any problem.

Relationships and communicationPhoto by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

Good communication is an underestimated superpower.

If you’re dealing with challenges in your relationship or left heartbroken after Christmas, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Many people are struggling with similar issues – that’s why divorce rates are the highest in January.

But, don’t worry, I believe I can help you work through your difficulties regardless of whether you’re already broken up or on the verge of it.

Don’t let all the holiday stress and relationship issues break your spirit. There’s always hope! If you want to start working on your relationship difficulties today, you can book my hypnotherapy or NLP coaching services. If you’re not sure what option would be best for you, feel free to book a free consultation with me.